Please read carefully before finalizing your order

These terms and conditions govern the sale and purchase of products between you as purchaser and A Matter Of Design - PRO Limited of 17/F, One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong as seller (“AMOD”). By placing an order with AMOD, you are deemed to have accepted all these terms and conditions.  No amendment may be made to these terms and conditions unless agreed by AMOD in writing.

These terms and conditions are provided for, and exclude, all other express or implied conditions, warranties or other contractual undertakings concerning the sale and purchase of products between you and us which might otherwise arise in law to the extent as permitted by the laws.

  1. Sales
    • 1.1 All your orders and sales of products by AMOD to you in accordance with your orders are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  2. Confirmation
    • 2.1 Quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of quotation.
    • 2.2 Your orders will become binding on AMOD only upon acceptance and confirmation by AMOD.  AMOD retains the sole and absolute discretion to consider whether to accept an order or not.
  3. Payment
    • 3.1 50% deposit is required upon confirmation of the order by AMOD. The balance of the payment shall be paid at least 4 working days before the scheduled delivery of the order.
    • 3.2 Product ordered will only be delivered or released to you after full payment of the quotation amount.
  4. Delivery time
    • 4.1 Lead time of purchased items is approximately 14-16 weeks subject to stock availability at the time of confirmation and receipt of deposit. The required delivery time is calculated on the basis of business days at the country of origin.
    • 4.2 AMOD shall not be responsible or liable for delay or failure in its performance caused by the manufacturer’s delay, and any delay or incompletion of work due to force majeure such as fire, flood, accident, strikes, riot, terrorist attack, war or Acts of God, or any other causes beyond the control of AMOD.
    • 4.3 Warehouse storage shall be provided by you upon the arrival of the products in Hong Kong, otherwise storage fee at HKD500 per week per cubic meter (Minimum 1 CBM) and minimum charge of HKD1,500 will be applied.
  5. Delivery and assembly service
    • 5.1 Delivery and assembly service will be quoted separately.
    • 5.2 Additional cost for installation of pendant lamp is non-refundable and will be quoted separately.
    • 5.3 Specification of all light fixtures is in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard. Wiring box and flexible conduit for connection with remote transformer, gear, driver, ballast or emergency power pack are excluded unless otherwise specified.
    • 5.4 Elevator service shall be available at the time of delivery to all floor levels. An additional delivery fee of HKD150 per floor will be charged for addresses with no elevator service. AMOD accepts no responsibility or liability for failure of delivery due to inaccessibility, or any extra costs incurred in order to deliver the product by any necessary means.  Such extra costs shall be borne and payable by you solely.
    • 5.5 If no one is available to accept delivery at the scheduled delivery time, a re-delivery fee of HK$500/CBM (Minimum 1 CBM) will be applied.
    • 5.6 Delivery service is not available to restricted areas, roads which prohibit trucks weighing 5.5 tons or above, exhibition sites, hotels, apartments under renovation, boat houses/ boats, construction sites, container terminals, addresses where delivery of the goods would have to go through the balcony, locations that are not feasible for delivery of the goods, or any areas that cannot be reached directly by AMOD’s vehicles.
    • 5.7 AMOD reserves the right to decline delivery of goods at its sole discretion absolutely.
    • 5.8 AMOD will only provide wall-mounting services for concrete walls. AMOD shall be entitled at its sole and absolute discretion not to perform any such works on the grounds of safety or practicality, and you shall have no claim against AMOD for reduction or refund of purchase price, return of the product or compensation on the grounds of failure or refusal to perform any such works.
  6. Condition
    • 6.1 Any items or charges that are not quoted in this Quotation shall be your responsibility.
    • 6.2 The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the products and designs without notifying you.
    • 6.3 There may be variations in colour and/or grain between the sample(s) supplied and/or displayed in social media and the final product.
  7. Liability
    • 7.1 AMOD shall have no liability for indirect, consequential or economic loss howsoever caused.
    • 7.2 AMOD shall have no liability for any damage to any structure, wall, floor, decoration, furniture, equipment, fittings, goods, chattels or any other things whatsoever arising from provision of the delivery and assembly service.
    • 7.3 In case AMOD is unable to contact you via the contact information you provided after repeated attempts for three months, AMOD reserves the right to dispose, in whatever manner it deems fit, the product(s) you have ordered at your cost in addition to the storage charge arising from the uncollected product(s).
    • 7.4 AMOD accepts no responsibility or liability for the product quality.
  8. Governing Law
    • 8.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
    • 8.2 These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.
    • 8.3 AMOD may revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    • 8.4 AMOD reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.